Forever With Unopened Eye
15.5 × 9.5 × 1inches
Medium: Inkjet on Velin Arches Blanc and Asuka Natural paper.
Binding: Concertina binding with sewn-in signatures.
Edition: 5

The book is bound as a traditional concertina, with signatures sewn into the concertina folds; a full-page image is hung inside each signature by attaching its fore-edges to the fore-edges of the signature leaves, a traditionally French technique recently revived by Betsy Palmer Eldridge. This procedure both protects and hides the sewn threads. The cover material of the box is a 0.2 mm thick slice of slate veneer mounted on a thin metal plate and attached to the wooden box with magnets. The images were printed on Japanese Asuka Inkjet paper using an Epson Stylus Pro 7900. The text pages were printed on Velin Arches Blanc, whereon the typeface is Adobe Jenson Pro; Rameau Pro is used on the title page.

The idea to create fragments by deconstructing the poems of Edgar Allan Poe originated in my Dream Fragments Sappho, a 2006 book containing some of the most fragmentary of Sappho’s poems. To a minimalist sensibility, the beauty of the sparse line has a definite appeal. Where Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are thick with words and rhymes, the newly-constructed fragments wondrously appear when surrounding words and lines are erased.

These scant poems are interspersed with the more luxurious but no less fragmentary images from the Montmartre & Père Lachaise cemeteries of Paris. The interiors of the tombs and sepulchers were photographed in November of 2007. There is a certain accidental quality about these images: the camera lens was slipped into broken windows and under doors of crypts, then allowed to automatically focus on whatever the camera captured at that moment. The amount of light in the tombs varied so some of the images are brighter and sharper than others; some are simply painterly  blurs.

Wooden box with slate cover; book opened to full page image.

Title page.

Introductory pages.

Opened with poetic fragment.


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