Homage to Agnes Martin
various sizes
Medium: Inkjet on handmade Japanese Kaji paper.
Binding: Inner binding of a traditional Japanese four-hole binding, held together with twisted paper thread.
Edition: Unique
Boxes: The bamboo boxes were designed and constructed in New Ipswitch, New Hampshire, by Dave Rust.

This series of structures extends the traditional fore-edge of Japanese books with designs that function as folding devices and optical illusions. Three-dimensional cut-out effects appear and disappear as the books are handled. They are most easily "read" when they are attached to a wall or toyed with in the hand. The Kaji paper accentuates the soft sensuousness of the folds. The titles are from Agnes Martin's The Thinking Reed. "We need more and different flags," "Anything is a mirror," and "One who has become all eyes does not see" were gathered as a set and housed in bamboo boxes.

"We need more and different flags."
"Not to know but to go on."
"Anything is a mirror."
One Who Has Become All Eyes Does Not See

"One who has become all eyes does not see" displayed in bamboo box.

Three bamboo boxes Three bamboo boxes.
Bamboo boxes uncovered Bamboo boxes uncovered.
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