Morning Thief
12 x 9.25 inches
Medium: Inkjet on Japanese Gifu washi paper
Binding: Crisscross Binding (formerly called Secret Belgium Binding) on basswood slats
Edition: 5

The images capture 30 seconds of the sun stealing the dreams of a slumbering man. His attempt to hide himself from the sun only makes him dance. The images were derived from a short video and reformatted as diffused stills. The images were used initially in an earlier book entitled Morning (2006).

The mysterious sewing of the Crisscross Binding was "rediscovered" by Hedi Kyle. It was originally created by Anne Goy in 1986 while looking for a solution to keep the Japanese binding sewing pattern on a book that could be fully opened. Here, linen thread is sewn over basswood slats mounted on Japanese cobweb paper. The space between the slats lets the light shine through.
Book open to one of 72 images documenting 30 seconds of morning sunshine.
Morning Thief box Box made from Japanese cobweb paper.
Morning Thief box opened Box opened showing wooden clasps.
Morning Thief box opened Box opened with wooden clasps removed.
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